Here I grow again

i expect to see this picture of your volumteer soon :rofl:


@grizzlyhigh , @roninalkemyst .
Just jump to the first post and then look through pictures you might find what you’re looking for. :+1:t3::v:t3:


I found this little plant when I was pulling weeds in the garden on February 13. as Woody as it is, I’d say it probably popped up somewhere around the middle to the end of January. This is just a random seed from one of the plants I grew here last summer. No signs of flowering. now if you took a plant or should I say seed and planted it inside under lights let’s say 15 hours just for shits and giggles get it well rooted and then put it outside when it was the same size as this plant is today it would go directly into flower.

Here it is on February 13

Here it is on march 10

Here it is today


Lol well said!
that’s why i used to Run my kawasaki concours. Enough power for me to be happy and enough power to kick your ass with the wife on the back! That bike would go 180mph. And my wife has been 178mph on the back my Track Bike. But that was super rare for her to get on that bike at all! I mean that bike i sooo Fast lol. I have crested the top of parleys canyon at 197mph! I was super bummed i didn’t break 200! I mean i really tried. Weight reduced Bike, race fuel, rediculous amounts of modifications!

That boat your building is pretty F’n sweet now. You come a long way.


Yeah it’s coming along. It’s gotten to the point where I’m having a hard time getting in to weld some of the stuff just cause I can’t bend Enough to get into the tight spots anymore. And when you can’t get comfortable, you make ugly welds. It’s good thing you can’t see them. :laughing:

I was thinking about this couple hours ago. When I was younger and the kids were here and I had lots of bills when I built projects like this I made everything by hand. Took forever and wasn’t quite as nice as the store-bought stuff but it meant a lot that I made it. Now the kids are gone and I can afford to buy the parts so I can get things done quicker and they can be prettier and a little bit cooler and now it takes forever to get parts. Still takes forever…:man_shrugging: Who knew…:joy::v:t3:


Why don’t you build a body sling… hang it from the engine hoist… just float along like a hammock boss! .
BOOM. SOLVED B!! We want pictures… we want pictures… chants the crowd… in my :speaking_head:… speaking to me!!


Ah well, let me cheer you up, converted that’s 317kph vs 321kph, none of the 2 a ‘special’ number like 200 :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile: 317 on a bike tho. Nutcase!


Speaking of body slings…dot dot…(outro) - Body bags - what have you!!!
I guarantee that cheered him up! 300kph - as the rest of the world sees it, is plain old ludicrous speed! He’s gone Plaid… Vroom vroom… :motor_scooter::motorcycle:


March 17…
Second application of BBP… :+1:t3::v:t3:


So you’re gonna build a boat. Gonna take pictures of the progress along the way so you can show people what’s involved…WRONG… It appears to me, at least for me. It’s gonna be an all or nun thing. Every time I do something I put everything together to make sure that the thing I just did will work and I take it back apart. Never remembering to take a picture before I take it apart. I have good news. Probably in about a week, I will have the engine compartment complete. Everything except the gas tank. I got some parts going to be shipped today from Oregon so I will be able to complete my pump. Got to order a couple of parts from Sea-Doo. and hopefully soon I will have paperwork coming from them also to show smog compliance so I can register this thing in California. Just thought I’d mention it since I ain’t brought it up in a while. It’s plugging along. I’ll get up some current pictures in a week or so. :+1:t3::v:t3:


This whole statement screams me when needing to or wanting to I don’t lol :joy:


Glad things are still moving forward Sir. Good things take time.


Onward and upward…says the man!


March 23 2023 :+1:t3::v:t3:


3/24/2024… BBP treatment. :+1:t3::v:t3:


Is she still going?


No, long gone. :v:t3: