Inkfromblood's grow #2

Since my first grow I had casually flowered a couple GSC clones that came out great. Didn’t yield a ton - maybe 2.5 oz as I was pretty lazy with em and just seeing how things went. I also gave away some clones to my buddies dad who just put em near his compost pile, and they went apeshit and yielded quite a bit! Not tight buds or as nice as mine, but still – free buds with little effort!

But currently I’m working with a couple more GSC clones, and want to get back into documenting the process. I kinda skipped the first phase, and just flipped them to flower the other day.

So far things are going well. I do miss the symmetry of grown from seeds, but I also know these plants will grow some very nice buds. ( I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments on taste / look and smoke from my first grow)

Haven’t changed up any formulas, still just going by the Coco For Cannabis chart and its working fine. I did happen to upgrade from cloth pots to some airpots.

And as you can see, my “mother” clone, I’ve just been bonsaiing it for fun.

and here are my two GSC clones (in 3 gallon air pots) - 1 day into flower so far.


Man havent seen your for a long time! Welcome back! Awesome clones. That 1st plant looks like a Tree/snake/rope its wild!




Thanks! I’ve been MIA because that first grow yielded so much more than I anticipated I haven’t needed to be doing much growing! And the growing I was doing I just didn’t feel like documenting because it was pretty sloppy and experimental. But I started missing writing about this so I’m back at it!


Wauw. That’s supercool dude. I’m impressed.


That mother plant of yours is wild looking :+1:t2:!


How the Flintstones made springs for their car.


What up coconut! I don’t see you on ccfc to much. I love it there. Not on as much as I used to be though.


Wow, its been two weeks since I was able to last login.
Glad it appears the site is fixed. Hope it sticks!

Here’s my twisty momma - definitely due for a heavy trim and new training.
Will likely start some new clones from it.

And the two GSC clones. Which are doing so well into flower so far.

I have to be honest here.
First grow, I was meticulous about the details of the water I was giving them.
This batch, I’ve been consistent with the nutrient mixing of course.
But I have not touched my pH pen or EC meter once.

During my first grow, I realized I was pretty much never using pH Up, and was consistent for the use of the pH down.

So for this grow, I’ve just been mixing 4 gallon batches of water + nutes, and just doing one pipette of pH down - with very loose measuring on that really, just squeezing the bulb, and grabbing what it grabs and squirting into the bucket before a final last mix.

Is it that I care less?
No. I do care a lot.

But I also love making things more efficient. So removing unnecessary tasks is satisfying.

That being said, to anyone reading this learning from my journal … this only works for me because of my water at my house. If I were ever to move to a new location, even within the same town, I’d go back to the meticulous measuring of pH and EC until I was confident in my ability to control the water quality.


Looking good they’re coming right along…:+1:t3::v:t3:


Looking very promising @inkfromblood !


Day 17 of Flower

Haircut day.
Trimmed away a great deal of light blocking leaves to really open up the canopy and get more light in there. Also went in below the canopy and cut away any of the lower buds and suckers. Feels bad to get rid of bud sites, but from my previous grow I know some of those just won’t amount to anything significant and hopefully this will encourage better growth in the canopy.

And of course, gave mama a significant trim and tied her up some more.


Day 22 since the flip.
Basic feeding today.

Buds are starting to bulk up which is always so nice to see.
Other than that, not much to say!


I love how visually bewildering that “mother of pearl” is. Probably the coolest idea I have ever seen for a mother plant, so incredibly ingenious.


Nice and even canopy there they are looking great


Day 27 from the flip.
Switched formula to the Late Bloom mix on the CC4C chart.

More buds bulking up. Scent is much more pronounced.
Sugar leaves getting frostier.

Uploading: image.png…


@inkfromblood they looking awesome


Day 33 from the flip.
Switched to the late-late bloom formula.
Adding in much more Koolbloom to the mix.
Something about that product that I just love the smell of. I can’t point my finger on it, but its familiar, earthy. Almost like fertilizer umami.
Anyhow, more pics. Not much visible difference in the photos, but I have faith the buds are thickening.

and what the hell, a bonus pic of the other project going on in my basement:



Damn they look good @inkfromblood