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Katmwall first grow!

How often you feed?

The hard part in diagnosing droopy leaves is under watering and over watering show the same visual signs. But if you feel your leaves they’ll tell you @katmwall. Under watering and your leaves will feel dry and tough.
When your leaves are happy they feel like soft velvet.
Over watering and they feel full, heavy, or bloated.
Hope this helps my friend.

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Every time I water it has nutrients in it. Is that a bad thing?

Thanks @Tygrow78! They aren’t firm this time so I’m hoping it’s just under watered and it will be a quick fix.

Lucky was thirsty!! I just checked on it this morning and all the leaves are proudly pointed straight out and soaking up the light!

I still plan on getting some superthrive to see if it helps. We definitely have some nutrient issues going on but at least it’s not droopy anymore!!


Lucky looks happy!

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Looks great now. I would at least have one feeding of only water a week. But yea you can still try the superthive throughout the week on lucky should help. But now it looks like your on right track

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Yes, definitely looking happy now! :+1::+1:

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Much better looking

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Lucky is wilted again. I can’t tell if it just needs water or it’s a different problem. The soil still feels damp bit the leaves aren’t perky. There might be something wrong with its ability to absorb water. I raised my light to be 18 inches away from the canopy per slymers suggestion. Hoping it maybe helps. I got the super thrive and I’m going to give it to lucky next watering to see if that helps too. Possibly going to try making my first compost tea soon to fix the nutrient problems with lucky but I’m hesitant to buy even more stuff. It feels like I’ve been bleeding money since I started. Haha. Will add some new pics later today!

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If you determined its not an auto flower then you should do a dark period…

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I have switched it to 20:4 but will probably switch it to 18:6 tomorrow or tonight. I’m going to gradually change it because I want to switch it to 12:12 this week.

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I switched lucky to 18:6 lighting today. Watered her with full strength FloraNova Bloom (5mL/gal), CalMag(4mL) and 4 drops of superthrive. PH of runoff is about 6.3. There isn’t enough runoff to test with the TDS meter. I’m going to give her a haircut today! We’ll see how I do!

Welp, I read the article and it said do NOT defoliate sickly plants so lucky gets to keep all her leaves till the end. I don’t want to stress her out more than she already is from lack of water and nutrient deficiencies. She did come from a hermie plant so I would hate to hve her turn on me. Here’s some pics of her tonight, I’ll have to post her happy pics tomorrow morning after she’s parked up with water.

here’s her most sickly leaves here is her new growth!

Yea you have to wait until she is back perky and healthy to defoliate. I’m surprised she’s back down she looked great the other day. What’s the temp and humidity in your tent?

Temp is staying around 75 degrees. Humidity is about 63%. I did promise to show more happy pics of lucky so here she is this morning in all her glory.

and a pic of her current set up.


Looks good whatever you did you should keep doing and monitor what makes it droop

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Well it’s time!! Lucky got switched to 12:12 lights!!! Time to let this baby bloom into the beautiful plant she is. I’m so excited. I’m a little concerned with her nutrient deficiencies but I don’t want her getting much bigger if she’s going to double in size (roughly). So it’s time. I have been watering her a quart of water every other day and so far she hasn’t wilted the way she was since. I’m going to water her next time with just water because she’s gotten nothing but nutes since I started feeding her and I have been reading posts that have people doing nutrients like 3 days and then watering once with water to flush then back to nutes. There was a bug on the outside of my grow tent today. I’m hoping it didn’t come from inside my grow tent. I would hate to have to deal with pests as well as nutrient deficiencies.


So lucky is LOVING the extra nutes that I gave her. Also adapting super well to the new watering schedule. Here’s some pics of her today to show you how BIG she’s gotten!

she is growing so fast. I switched the lights yesterday and I swear she already grew like half of an inch! My dad and I are going to build a baffle box tomorrow for my grow tent to keep light leaks from happening. I don’t want her going hermie on me!! Especially since she already has a hermie trait since she was most likely from a hermie plant.


So my dad and I built a baffle box! From what I can tell, it seems to be working. I zipped myself inside my tent and there was no light leaking in through the Vent. Here’s a pic of the baffle box. It’s just cardboard with matte black spray paint sprayed inside and a couple baffles, nothing too fancy.

Lucky is really starting to stretch towards the light and although it has nutrient deficiencies, I think I finally figured out a decent watering schedule! Here’s lucky today! Im going to try and make some compost tea for lucky once the nutrients arrive. Still need to get all the stuff for harvest and compost tea. This is a little more work than I anticipated but I’m committed to seeing this through and growing as a grower. Now I see why so many people that just pop a seed, quit after a bit. It takes a lot to grow cannabis well and safely. All y’all have my respect because your plants are growing SO WELL!!! I hope to be able to post my own bud pics soon that I grew myself.