MAC1 Grow 👽

MAC1 start of week 4


LOL, Better than a sharp stick in the eye Maz!


Check out my semi burned blueberry muffin :scream:

It’s not bad but they took the switch to dakine a little rougher than the mac1’s. Also my fault the first feed was too strong bc my tds meter went bad. Flushed and got the ppm dialed back in.
This is a 1 gallon bucket vs the others being in 3 gals.


Bummer… I was doing a grow or I should say a test grow with Vantana nutrients and ran out of the bloom before I was done, I switched to the Dakine and pretty much cooked my whole grow.It is much much more potent than the Vantana. Showed me real quick that if you’re going to switch to it you’re gonna wanna go into it with a fairly light dose and work your way up…


And I knew all of this going in! I had read your whole scenario plus others and knew that I had to start off light.

On the first feed my ppm meter told me it was only like 400. Didn’t seem right so I ordered a new one. The new ppm/ec meter arrives and tells me that a similar mix to the first one has a ppm of like 1800. I thought I was starting light :joy:

Anyway that was a week and a half ago. Already flushed fed and reflushed since and she seems to be doing ok. Next couple weeks will tell how bad this screwup was :grimacing:

So I was using a $15 ph pen and a $15 ppm meter. Lasted about a year and a half. Replaced both with similarly priced ones. Even have a backup ph pen to double check/have one ready.
Maybe there’s a lesson here…. Should I just buy the damn expensive one and be done with it? Don’t those ones die too?


The better meters you just replace the end of them or the probe depending on which kind you’re talking about.


I go with Apera Instruments. German quality, no China crap and a little cheaper than Bluelab prices…
Always fill the cap of their pH-meter till the line with some straight water when you store the meter, the sensor shouldn’t dry out too much. And calibrate once in a while. I calibrate mine every month.


always good to start new nutes at half strength you can always give them more if needed

hard to take too much back :frowning:

all the best and be well



Mid week 5 :alien:


Yeah buddy!