Mold or what?

This is my first year growing. What is this? One plant has it, the other doesn’t.


Looks like powdery mildew. You need to get some more airflow in your grow space and it may help to remove lower leafs that aren’t getting good light.

The best way to treat this is with HOCl. You can buy a little machine to make it at home cheaply. There’s a thread on here with lots of info on this.


Thanks a lot! I’ve suspected mold, so I sprayed 1/4 raw milk, 3/4 water, a spoon of iodine tincture and a tidbit of general mold fungicide.

I’ll lookup the thread you mentioned


I agree pm


@nokbgrower4 . Welxome to GN. That is good advice above. And you do have some solutions.

[Powdery mildew

Pm outdoors

Use the search function to search for more solutions to pm.


Either powdery mildew or downy mildew. Blue magic nutrients is awesome against wpm and Downey mildews. If u cover the plant with it once and keep a fan on plants it don’t come back. Atleast here it don’t and I suffer wom issue alot during summer grows as my window and portable ac units throw out massive humidity I guess. Running a dehuey is pointless as it don’t draw enough out and I’m not about to run 2 or 3 degueys to battle the humidity. I’ll spray here or there and keep my electric coat down. Y half or more. Lol. Also a good mix to try out and see if it battles it enough for u mix half gallon of warm to hot water 3 tbsp of soy bean oil or evoo (extra virgin olive oil) about a quarter cup of peroxide and like 5 to 10 drops of dawn blue original dish soap mix all super well and spray plant at lights out or just before lights out as to not burning. Leaves with the light and the little oil and water drops. The oil covers on the leaves a bit leaving a protective coating on the leaves to help prevent the wpm for growing and if u get it covered well enough it most likely won’t come back if u keep good air circulation on the plants. If u don’t feel comfy using a homemade mix my suggestion is the blue magic it is awesome and I’ve used it on. I’d washes at harvest veg flower I name it. Don’t leave any weird tastes or smells on the plants or buds it will leave a shine to the leaves but seems to not effect them like spraying a hydrogen peroxide mix on them to rid of it. I’ve tried that also and within 2 or 3 day wom is back full force swinging. Hope u found a good solution to this issue. Blue magic is a bit expensive at 100 bucks a quart but hella worth it