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My CBD Journey

I really want to dedicate a grow to CBD strains, but since I personally have never tried CBD on its own, I figured I should before I commit to growing it.

I just started last night. Going with the sublingual CBD oil route. The product I purchased is made locally and contains 2250mg/15 ml, or 9mg per drop (per the package). The recommended dose for anxiety is 18-36mg, no more than 20 times a day.

I have been Googling, but have only found a few charts, as well info that the doses for anxiety & depression average out much lower than for other ailments.
Weight, then mild, med, strong effect (in that order) :

So, those who use CBD oil for treating not-so-mild anxiety and depression, what has been your personal experience with dosing for CBD? I know we’re all different, so your experience won’t be mine, but it could help me figure mine out.


Also, this stuff is expensive! If it works, can’t wait to make it myself.


Also, he gave me a pre-roll of something called cherry blah blah blah. I don’t tend to like cherry strains (I love cherry everything, just not weed apparently), but hey free cbd nug. I didn’t care for smoking the dried cbd herb. I don’t smoke cigs or anything, just weed, so to smoke something and not feel ripped from it wasn’t fun.

I also vaped some, as the guy said his was made to be able to be vaped. It wasn’t terrible, but it needs some added terpenes to make it incredible. So, until I make my own and make it taste good, I will stick with sublingual dosing.


I have some 3 to 1 cbd:thc seeds if you want a few to try.


Only if they’re autos! Next fall (2020), I have 2 auto CBD strains planned: an 18:1 and a 1:1.


Ah no these are regs. They were given to me but I haven’t tried any yet. I will probably throw a couple outdoors next year.


Thanks for the offer, but regs are hard to justify in my grows.

If you want to try a couple auto CBD strains next year, I’ll share a few seeds


I have one indoor and one outdoor dinamed cbd plus growing right now and they have been so easy. The cbd content is 20% (higher than anything else I’ve looked for) and the thc is less than 1% the smell of these girls is very citrusy. I also have two purple orange cbd girls on the go which are 10% cbd 5% thc. I just cropped out one the other day and I’m so excited to try it. If you are planning on growing cbd strains I very highly recommend going to DINAFEM’s website and ordering from them. They have a lot of high cbd strains and cbd auto strains as well. The genetics are great, Ive only done a few grows myself but I have had 100% success rate on germination


If you check out my thread “time to flower!” It has a ton of pictures of my high cbd plants


I am currently looking for specific info/atecdotes regarding dosing with CBD oil. Just CBD oil, not the plant.

This is my experiment with taking CBD oil, to see if CBD plants are worth growing for myself. Once I determine that, then I’ll be oogling everyone’s CBD grows.


I didn’t have much luck with straight CBD. It did help with my stiff achy joints but only with high amounts. But other than that nothing. I got the seeds to grow and planned to try mixing high CBD bud with plain to see if that does better. If not oh well I’ll give it away.


My apologies! I tried hemp cbd in several forms and although it does take the edge off of my anxiety, I find myself having to take extremely high amounts to have it really help… I know there’s no proof of the entourage effect but I find that my plants that have even the littlest bit of thc with the high cbd content work much better… for the price it is right now, I don’t find hemp cbd worth it… Hope this helps!:+1::+1:


I am hoping that by smoking my regular weed plus taking the oil might still work for the entourage effect?
Give me an example of extremely high amounts, @davesnothere. Maybe I’m severely underdosing?

I haven’t noticed much, myself, maybe a slight quieting of my thoughts. Doing 72mg 3x a day, today. Tomorrow, I’ll boost it to 105mg 3x a day. Much more than that, this becomes a very expensive supplement to buy. :grinning:

I definitely think smoking/partaking a balanced strain would be more effective, just from the science that’s there. Plus, who knows if Joe Blow’s proprietary terpene blend and CBD oil is based on sound science?

I will finish the bottle, for sure. 140 bucks! I’m thinking of buying pure cbd isolate and adding terps to make vape carts, just for shhhs and giggles. Til I can grow my own CBD heavy strains, I’m at the mercy of buying things from stores for experiments. Boo!


Yeah it’s not cheap! Around 300mg and I would start to cut the edge off my anxiety. People selling it would tell me I’m taking way too much… I don’t really understand how cbd alone could get rid of depression and anxiety when there are next to no cb2 receptors in the brain and these problems are mostly a mental battle. These days the cbd/thc balanced strains I smoke work wonders, the consistent cbd noticeably helps keep inflammation and pains down and the med-micro dose of thc keeps a happy mood going all day. The high anxieties of life eventually seem to feel very manageable.

EDIT: from what I’ve read there are little to no cb2 receptors in the brain. I may be wrong and please correct me if I’m wrong!


The CBD taken up by the CB1 receptors and is thought to help with serotonin, similar to SSRI medicines, which block the reabsorption of serotonin in the brain, making more serotonin available. That is what the preliminary research is telling scientists, anyway.


Well, after about 3 weeks, I can say it freaking works!


Heck, I didn’t even get pmdd, this month. That is spectacular! Usually, I go Hannibal Lector about 4 days before, and this time absolutely no mood swings. None! There could be hope for me, yet.

I have been sublingually dosing with a daily total of 72mg CBD oil, split into 3 doses, plus ingesting approximately 250mg of THC (cannacaps) each day. I notice I just don’t get bothered by small things now, my brain doesn’t get caught in endless thought loops, and I just feel generally mellow. I feel like my ego just doesn’t give a shite now, so there’s no need to prove myself to anyone. I can just be, w/o being on guard as much as before.

I’ve only had the chance to test myself at my job. Major improvement over the past 4 years, though. :grinning:

So, while I am most definitely still me (see profile pic), I seem to have some control of the anxiety monster, now. I look forward to experimenting with my own CBD, because $140-280/month could become expensive over the long run.



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Glad to hear the good news! Hopefully we will get to follow a few cbd strains you grow in the future!


This is true!!

I can attest that I notice a difference in chatting with u in your overall demeanor. I’m glad that something is giving u a break from your own head now grow that shit and give your bank account a break.

See u in Vegas!!


Thanks, lady! If you noticed, then it’s definitely working!

Vegas better watch out!