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My Outdoor Grow and beyond

My outdoor auto grow was a disaster. We been having water issues lately and making plans to fix the waterworks, with an outcome to get a regular supply of decent water. Currently down to about 5000 litres of water for all of us on the farm, most of the water we pump from underground is being used for the cabbages ( about 2000 ) we are growing.

Just planted about 50 cannabis seeds and a variety of strains, as well as three varieties of chilli plants, including a cherry pepper. Some friends gave me several plants which I transplanted about a week ago outdoors in soil. We also have a couple good looking plants popping up in our veggie garden from last seasons seeds.

I will post pictures in the morning as the day has already passed, here comes my late spring/summer grow.


Set to watch. I’m counting on you guys south of the equator to get my outdoor fix this winter. :wink::+1:t3:


Some ass is photo bombing your picture :joy::joy:


Bahahaha… that’s a good one :+1:t3:


Ran outside before the sun sets and grabbed some pictures. A bit of a late start to the season. Have about 15 plants rooted and vegging outdoors and three varities of seeds sprouted. And we are off… more updates coming soon.

The Seedlings

My Garden

MJs Garden

The Orchard and Ivy


Slow to catch the worm on my side, but planted all my seedlings today. Trying out some seeds called Ramblers Surprise, a couple durban hybrids and lemon haze. The peppers coming along nicely to.

Partners garden/ veggie garden growing like weed and coming along nicely.

Just planted a whole bunch of dragonfruit cuttings in tyres and mulched them. Hoping the fence line will be a good support for the offshoots and fruit.

Lovely time of year. Much needed rain, its also very colorful. Jacaranda and the silver oaks are flowering, and the san pedros to flower next.

Ivy keeping a watchful eye out for the monkeys, who are causing havoc with our chicken eggs, fruit and veggies.


Time to start taking pictures the right side up. Sorry guys, phones and me dont work.

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