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My Summer's Grow

That. Is. Amazing!!!

I picked up an eighth of Cherry Fritter a few years back. Now I want some Amethysto!


It’s got what plants crave.



Thank you @OlyBoy If you are interested in his line - he is on instagram as @Fishermanseeds and/or @clonefamofficial
I will be running several of the Biker OG crosses and some others next run - great guy and generous :slight_smile:


Dang Oly !! Redheads…no…no…no…not redheads…no…no feel myself ‘slip sliden away’ slip sliden away…help Mr. Wizard help !

LOL if you’re old enough to remeber the call for Mr. Wizard…your definitely old enough to have arthritis !



@ravenchief that is definitely a beautiful plant! :metal: Congrats on earning the naming rights.


I might have to change my nick to “Tooter the Turtle”!


Thank you so much @mudman
almost time to clean out and start anew
These 4 gals will be harvested over the next week and a half - everyone else is drying and curing -
I am almost ready to finalize my list but some last minute purchases make the ole switch’a’roo an option I must explore…:slight_smile:

Thank you for looking and hoping your new years is starting out to be as beautiful as it can be…


This is NOT my photo or plant (wish it was)

I saw this on a facebook page and thought it was so beautiful
I always want to share something beautiful when I find it.
This is the audience that can best appreciate this kind of beauty.


I have taken the Gas Lantern Schedule to its ultimate conclusion in the end flower configuration which is 9 hours on and 15 hours off -
Its lights out in my garden and I have never taken a flash shot before - but here is Amethysto in the dark



The 4 that are left are frosting and coloring up - Amethysto is exploding as is everyone else - This run I am using a ripening formula that I have not used in the past - I tend to feed heavy and all they way up to harvest - I do not do a final flush but I think i might want to do a version of it in their last days so I stopped feeding my normal nutes and started this ripen formula - it has low nitrogen and higher pk - I like what I am seeing after only 3 days of using it.

@RAP 's Acid Rain is getting more beautiful every day - I thought she would be ready but her trichomes say keep going :slight_smile:

Bulletproof’s Night Cakes is strong

And HSO’s Garlic Budder smells just like the dispensary GMO that my brotherinlaw sent me and I LOVED

I am getting excited to cure these gals and start my new grow - still waiting on a package that has some seeds that I will use - last minute specials haha


The packages arrived and the substitutions have been made and the seeds have been dropped this morning - Here’s the new lineup

  1. Fisherman - Platinum Garlic x Biker OG
  2. Fisherman - Tahiti Lime x Biker OG
  3. Fisherman - Gorilla Breath x Cereal Milk
  4. Fisherman - White Truffle x JokerZ
  5. Fisherman - RS11 x Divine Gelato
  6. PureBreeding/Green Bohdi -Rootbeer x GMO x Hazy Kush
  7. Loving in her eyes - Spanish Moon
  8. PureBreeding - NE Rock Cotton Candy
  9. Fisherman - Ice Cream Cake x Biker OG

I am thinking to put all the Fisherman seeds in the big tent and the others in the small tent but I will await their further maturity to see which would do better in where. I am excited to try my tube modification in the autopots - I still have Garlic Budder finishing - but she will be done in plenty of time to clean and redo the tents. Hope your having a great weekend.


Last gal standing is Garlic Budder - She is 62 days in flower and still has a few days left - her profile is 70 days and her trichomes are almost there - I have been seeing lots more fattening in these last days of the node buds which makes me happy so I am not rushing to chop her - She smells exactly like the GMO dispensary buds my brother in law sent me a while ago.

She’s a very frosty gal . The tent is all hers so I put her under the big light and UV supplimental and turned down the outer lights - she’s getting all of 720 w haha she seems to like it :slight_smile:
I just realized that this run I had 3 very purple phenos Amethysto, Night Cakes and Garlic Budder - how lucky can a fellow be?


I dropped the 9 seeds for my next grow on Saturday and put them in the dirt on Monday - everyone except 1 has popped and I haven’t given up on the one yet - 2 others of the 9 had some difficulties - all of the 3 were first gen crosses and not stablized genetics - especially the RS11xDivine Gelato and White Truffle x JokerZ so I expected some to not germinate so yesterday (before the other 2 popped haha) I dropped 3 replacement seeds

so yesterday

I really do have only room for the 9 plants but I would rather have toooo many and have to figure out what to do than too few.

BTW that’s malted barley that is sprinkled around the seedling


Only kind of babies in the nursery, I’m not running cartoon style, rotary legged from.

Jealous, I really need to start some long veg’ers.


Well. A few of the original dropped seeds are still struggling. You can still see their deformed leaves. So I dropped replacements a couple of days ago and now everyone is popping and the original seeds are recovering. Haha. Isn’t that always the case.

Not complaining. I will take the best and grow those 9 in big pots and whatever is still around I will grow out in one gallon pots tucked in the corners :pray::blush::vulcan_salute:.
All good. Have a great day.


Hey how did the Amethysto turn out? You sure have some pretty girls.


Thank you @papajerry
Amethysto is curing now in her grove bag - She has about 2 weeks left before she’s ready - I did try a bud after she was dried and it was exceptionally potent - the smell came out strong when I put the bud in the grinder - the cure will bring out her very strong flavors
Great plant - I will grow her again outdoors this summer -