New Indoor Auto Grow

Thank you, sir! I will be ready for my next grow. :slight_smile:


That’s the Zweet Inzanity

This is the Grandpa’s Stash x Crescendo.

Really excited about how these flowers are coming along. It was probably not too wise to grow two such different strains concurrently. But the contrast between the two has taught me a lot. Now, the flowers are really putting out some nice, interesting aromas. The Zweet Inzanity smells like cherry and sweet cereal. The crescendo smells like grapes/wine and gasoline.

This is such a fun way to make it through the winter. I will plant vegetable seeds for the outdoor garden next month, but for now it’s sure nice to have some plants to care for.

Happy weekend!


Hi! I am plugging away with these two ethos plants. I started flower on Dec. 11, so this is week 6. The flowers are coming right along! I have a couple of questions for anyone willing to weigh in. Been seeing growers get botrytis inside their tent. I’d really like to avoid this outcome. Both my questions are related to that.

  1. I’m going to spray some hypochlorous acid right on the plants. This sounds kinda silly, but should I plan to rinse it off? Outdoors, I didn’t really worry about this.

  2. I have a strong dehumidifier outside the tent, blowing dry air at the air intake vent. I’ve cranked up my exhaust fan. I have a little dehumidifier in the tent. I have one small fan at the bottom of the tent, blowing up, and another clip on, blowing across the tops. Hell, I even wipe up drips of water I spill on the tent floor. But the RH is staying in the mid-70’s. What else can I do?

I really think it’s cool how “full” my tent is at the moment.

Zweet Inzanity drinks about a gallon of rain water each day. This plant got another light dose of bloom nutes, with a dash of extra N. Seems like the sugar leaves are plenty dark. Too dark? I guess the moral of this story is, Zweet Inzanity didn’t love my soil recipe.

Grandpa’s Stash x Crescendo drinks a little less than a gallon of rain water per day. Buds are getting pretty frosty in my opinion. In contrast to the Zweet Inzanity, this plant has been a cool customer—a perfect fit for the soil.

Weather is nice this week in SE Virginia. This is perch fishing season for me. Here’s one from last weekend—yellow perch, crappie, and a rockfish (striped bass). My father and I also caught six other species of fish that I don’t find good to eat. We fish in a very traditional way from a small boat. I use very long cane poles with no reels! We troll along slowly and catch many fish. Oct-Feb are the best times for this type of fishing where I live.

Hope all is good in your world!


I wouldn’t wash it off. I wouldn’t worry about it. If I sprayed it today and was going to harvest in the next week, I would do a bud wash. But if you’re nowhere near harvest, don’t worry about it. They should be just fine. :+1:t3::v:t3:


Don’t believe you need to rinse it off, in matter of fact I think you increase the risk of mold settling itself back onto your buds that way. But I’m gonna have @TheMadFlascher chip in on that one…

Move :rofl: No but that sucks! Gotta be damn humid in your neck of the woods mate! What else can you do… airflow, airflow, airflow, the most important precaution you can take to prevent mold. And a stronger dehumidifier, if you can’t control your RH it’s simply not strong enough… Not really much help, I know :slight_smile:

Plants are looking nice!


@pbaker1111, Haps got you covered!

Your hypochlorous acid breaks down pretty quick under lights…it is primarily a CONTACT KILLER…it will kill any microbes on contact…if you feel you have a threat from you high RH, you can easily apply your hypochlorous acid every 3-5 days without consequence !

One suggestion I may offer is thinning out your fan leaves where you can to reduce RH…the more leaves you have, the more transpiration and higher tent humidity…


The RH situation just didn’t make sense. The room in which the tent is located is 50% RH, so the tent was just not cycling air quickly enough. I had been running the exhaust fan at about 1/3 power. I cranked it up to about 2/3, and it seems like the problem is solved. I should have known it was something like this…. Anyway, now I know. Hopefully I learned my lesson early enough to avoid big problems.


Airflow :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re doing just dandy man the tent full will perk anyone up. Looks Just delightful it sure does. Harvest is right around the corner what are you aiming for mid February ish somewhere in there? That one striped fish looks like the Mayan Chiclids that have invaded our waters. They eat everything man like a lionfish…


Where have you been Rocky Balboa @LoCoRocK? Been a while, no?


Yes it has… Ive been avoiding ppl in general the last week or so. I’m no fun to be around and have nothin nice to say when I go a little south. Most of it is work and the dipshit I work with. I hate to even hear me say it anymore but I will only be happy when I work for myself. Its just taking that leap that I can’t overcome. I’ve read like a dozen books on starting a business and I know some friggen clowns that have their own companies so why can’t I jump? You want to know why - cause I’m a pussy obviously, a gigantic scaredy cat. But honestly I really do have the best job of my life currently. I make the most I ever have, get like 3% raise every December and as much sidework as I want to take on. So with this I have been struggling a bit lately. Do I wanna jump and watch my ship sail away or swim for the new uninhabited island?


Oh I know the feeling well. Been dealing with the same tbh with you! If you know in what area you would start and what you want to do, and it is somewhat realistic, then I advise you to make the jump mate. Cover yourself, but go for it. I decided to take the leap myself with moving down under. Will do the same over there and work for myself. Finally. There’s a safety net for when you fail dude. Here, there, and where you are. Sure you can always go back to what you’re doing know. Make the jump but avoid getting in debt too hard from the start, build up gradually. You’ll bloody rock it loco!


Hi! I’m in the middle of flower week 7. All is going well, I think. Both plants continue to drink a lot. I am having more success managing RH these days, though I’m still nervous about botrytis. The tent is looking and smelling nice these days!

I did some thinning, mostly on the Crescendo plant, which is super dark green and bushy still. The buds are starting to put on a little mass now, but they still have a long way to go. The stems are plenty strong, so I don’t think I’ll need to support the branches.

Zweet Inzanity is closer to the finish line. I’ve had to support a few of the branches so far, and it looks like I’ll be supporting all of them eventually. I should have used a net with this plant. I’ve never used one before, but growing this plant makes the why/how of a scrog net pretty obvious. If I ever grow this one again, I’ll use a net and grow only one plant. This one has a very strong, sweet aroma. As you can tell, it has some brown pistils. I haven’t bothered to check the trichomes. Am thinking maybe three weeks or so.


Yeah you’ll get a hang of scrogging, just give it a try. Every grower does it different too mate, there’s no right or wrong really. Some keep tucking, weeks into flower, under a monoscrog and swear by that, others put in different layers of trellis nets, and let the plants still get some height as well. I usually put my plants in the flower tent, put a net over em and have it for 70 or 80% covered, sometimes more and then I flip. And I’ll keep tucking for about a week or so, then I let em go. All depends on the strain etc as well, but that’s generally it.

My goal is to fill as many squares as possible while still able to grow footlong buds.

Combining this with topping and supercropping is a real good idea imho. I top, but usually only once or twice. Man I was watching a random video on yt the other day and some bloke was advocating for not topping - STOP TOPPING your PLANTS!!, here it is. I don’t back this. While I can understand his point of view and approve of what he says about LST , I believe a combination of different technique’s, including topping, is the best approach. Cannabisplants have a growstructure. There’s a pattern. While phenotypes differ from eachother, the general growstructure of a cannabisplant is christmas-tree shaped. Apical dominance is the phenomenon whereby the main, central stem of the plant is dominant over (i.e., grows more strongly than) other side stems.

The apical bud produces a plant hormone, auxin, (IAA) that inhibits growth of the lateral buds further down on the stem towards the axillary bud. Auxin is predominantly produced in the growing shoot apex and is transported throughout the plant via the phloem and diffuses into lateral buds which prevents elongation.[2] That auxin likely regulates apical dominance was first discovered in 1934.[3]
When the apical bud is removed, the lowered IAA concentration allows the lateral buds to grow and produce new shoots, which compete to become the lead growth.

And that’s why I also top. And supercrop. And LST and scrog.


This is awesome info. Thank you!


Ive done the scrog twice and it does work swell for keeping the height down no bout adout it. But it’s so easy to get carried away with the topping, easy to turn these girls into 2’ tall bushes. LoL but anyways Baker the tent looks righteous man. Colas galore, above the lights, beside them and all around even! Looks pretty wicked mate. :fu: Oops not that one :+1:… LoL