New Indoor Auto Grow

I don’t have an answer for your question. But I do have an idea that might work for you. How about you go out and find yourself some dirt weed that don’t cost very much, then pre-grind what you need for a few days and mix your Kief with it. This way you know what you’re gonna have as far as getting loaded off your Kief. And it should be relatively inexpensive to hold you over. :+1:t3::v:t3:


Thanks, sir! This is a good idea!


No worries !

With just a couple plants you’re not going to use a whole lot!
On another forum we had a great test using Agrowlyte. The grower had a pretty severe case of PM.
He sprayed his plant ONCE with a 1:1 dilution of Agrowlyte…5 days later NO PM.

In your circumstances, you knew you had a high humidity/rain event …I’m sure you were thinking 'this ain’t good ! If you had the Agrowlyte on hand you could have prepared a 1:4 or 1:3 dilution and sprayed your plants as a ‘preventative’. You know that 6 ozs of dilute will spray quite a few plants so you can see it would go a long way.

The beauty of this material is the ‘one and done’ effectiveness. You can spray right through harvest without ANY RESIDUE, NO PLANT DAMAGE, AND complete destruction of bacterial/fungal infections!!! Bud Rot should become a thing of the past when employing this tool!!!


Woo, the idea of losing less to botrytis is really a happy one!


Doesn’t quite answer the Q, in a qwet extract 1 gm = 700-800mg thc I use 750 for my edible dosing. This is a generally accepted # amongst all I’ve read, Kief is obviously less dense and has trichome husks so you’ll have to extrapolate, is it 70%/80%… Run a batch and report back.


I thought it was 600 to 800. No wonder everybody always gets so wasted on my edibles. I always use 600 as my dosing number. :laughing::joy::joy:


I’m so glad I asked because this is very valuable info to me. Thanks very much, y’all!!


I have applied Agrowlyte a couple of times now. There’s only one tiny spot of mildew remaining, and what Bob told me was alternaria doesn’t seem to be advancing. On the other hand, I fear I may have burnt some pistils! Do you think that’s possible w a product like Agrowlyte? I did spray w mild diluted peroxide once before the Agrowlyte arrived.

The photoperiod plants are coming along, too. I’ve been treating them w Agrowlyte every time I spray the little autos, despite no real evidence of mold or mildew. My only problem with these plants is that I’m experiencing some pests. Last year, I got worms a little later in the summer, and I was able to treat w BT. This is something different, maybe leaf hoppers or some other hungry, quick thing. I never see the culprit, and it’s just one or two gnawed leaves per plant.

All of the photo plants were germinated on the same day, and they were all put outside within a week of one another, in the same sort of spot. The only difference is that some of my manure/compost is brand new, some is one year old, and some is two years old.


And here’s one more mobile photo for when my relative has room for one more! :wink:

All the photos are Ethos Grandpa’s Stash multipack. I chose them this year because they are supposed to be resistant to mold, and they’re supposed to finish early. We shall see. I have a feeling it’s going to be a hot, short summer with an early fall here in Virginia, but we shall see…

I hope you all had a great day, and happy Father’s Day to all the dads!



Just curious if you added the distilled vinegar to your Agrowlyte ??..
Add it slowly and test pH as you do…shoot for about pH5.0

If you purchase either Agrowlyte or Danolyte here’s some information that will help you out!
The manufacurer of Agrowlyte/Danolyte does not use vinegar in their process…no big deal …the ppm are still there…
Here’s what I suggest you do:
When you receive your bottle or even if you’ve used some of it…pour it in a large container and ADD WHITE (distilled0 VINEGAR to drop the pH to 5.0…this will do TWO things for you…

  1. Hypochlorous Acid is stable betweem pH 3.5 and 5.0… Another words at pH 5.0 it is 99.7% ACTIVE. At pH 6.5 it is only 90% active.
  2. By adding the VINEGAR the sodium in your mix will be converted to sodium acetate, thereby diluting the concentration of salt (The sodium is still there but in a less ACTIVE form) This should eliminate most of the salt deposit you see on your leafs…

It’s possible that the remaining Sodium chloride (salt) is causing the burn…by adding the white vinegar, you turn that remaining sodium into sodium acetate which should minimize the reactivity…


Can’t see the pictures, can you try to upload the original picture files instead of a link to your google drive space? Don’t have access to that drive so we can’t see the pictures.


I have not added distilled vinegar, but I sure will now! Lol! Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:




I added some compost around my weakest photoperiod plants. All these seem to be doing well. I’ve treated these babies with BT a couple times earlier in the spring due to army worms and little green worms, but I’ve not had too many pests lately—just some leaf hoppers. In addition to BT, I have DE, neem oil, and Spinosad. Hopefully, since I have all these, the pests will sense they’re not welcome and steer clear. It has been a challenging spring/summer for gardeners in the southeast part of Virginia due to a late cold snap, tons of rain, and then an early heat wave! I’m in a neat, sheltered “micro-climate” near the ocean and a river, so I think I’ve escaped a lot of the struggles.

Here is the mobile photoperiod plant. It’ll finally get a home in the ground in a week or so, once my relative harvests his first plant. Doesn’t this one look healthy? It’s in used FFOF/perlite, and I’ve given it a couple light doses of veg nutes. Goes to show a) less can be more, I guess, and b) I don’t know anything about growing weed! Lol!

I am checking the trichomes on my little autos, and they’re nearly there. Check out the burn on one of them. Also notice the absence of additional alternaria on the previously sick one.

I am really having a good time growing my plants and learning a lot along the way. I am also growing some vegetables that are starting to produce, so it’s a good time to be in the garden. Hope you’re all safe and well!


Thank you! I’d have never realized. Appreciate your help!