New to growing need advice what to purchase

Im new to the group​:blush::blush:
So I bought some clones and used a white light and they all died. I think it was the light type that killed them but not sure.
So now I am germinating some seeds and trying in a tent this time. Before my seeds get shoots I need to order a light what kind would be best?
Any other things i should buy?
Any other tips you have would be amazing😊


How much are you looking to spend on a light? It’s one of your biggest investments so I don’t recommend Skimping on it. I’m building a quantum board because my light is okay, but it’s not the best it could be. If you want the kit to build the same light that I’m building, here’s the link!

You can also just buy the light and build it yourself if you want to get it a little cheaper.

You will also want:

  • an in-line fan
  • ducting
  • carbon filter
  • oscillating fan
  • digital pH reader
  • humidifier
  • timers
  • TDS meter
  • a nutrient line if you’re not growing in living soil. (Just pick one. I made the mistake of mixing from different lines and apparently it can potentially cause problems. I have heard good things about the DaKine420 line.

I joined this forum for my first grow too. Feel free to check out my first grow journal Katmwall first grow! and my thread of building my grow tent Building a Grow tent! Am I missing anything?!
It may help you out a lot as we might have had similar questions. Good luck growing!!


I’d go with a Mars hydro 1000 watt


The lights will depend on the size of your tent. You can have great lights but not enough for the space you have and you’ll end up adding a second one. You want 50w per square feet. That’s if you have low quality led. If you’re running high efficacy lights then 25-30w per square feet.

Light drives the plant. Low quality = low quality airy bud. High quality = good bud

Whats your tent size?


awesome thank you

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