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OlyAutoflower Spring/Summer 2021 Project (Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.)

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m just in the planning stages right now.

I plan on growing three different strains of autoflowers, in three separate growing situations, each grow being one month apart. I am planning on growing 1xWedding Cake (auto), 1xZkittles (auto), and 1x(TBD) (auto) in each spiral. Jacks321 nutes planned for throughout.

Spiral One (planting 04/01). Each plant grown in 3 a gal pot. Grow will start indoor, and the plants will be moved outdoors when weather permits (this was mid-May 2020). Once they are outside (upstairs), they will stay outside as much as possible. Hopefully harvested by 07/31. The upstairs area looks like the below pic.

Spiral Two (planting 05/01). Each plant gown in the ground. In addition to using Jacks321, these plants will also get pond muck. I would like to see how big my autos can get with unrestricted root growth. I’m planning on 120 day spirals (seed to harvest). Hopefully all three harvested by 08/31. I don’t want any plants in the ground in September. The weather we had here Sept & Oct 2020 was awful for my outdoor grows. Bud rot can be heartbreaking. The downstairs area looks like the below pics.

Spiral Three (planting 06/01). Each plant gown in a 5 gal pot. They’ll be grown outside from day one. They will start downstairs with spiral 2, and will be moved upstairs after spiral 1 has been harvested. These plants can be moved indoors if weather gets too crappy. They will also get pond muck as well as Jacks321.

I know that different strains have their own growing peculiarities, and plants from the same strain can differ as well. I’m hoping to see those differences within each spiral, as well as more obvious differences between each spiral.

Any suggestions or recommendations for the third strain of autos? (Preferably something that goes from seed to harvest in 120 days.)

Has anyone done a project like this before? Any advice as I start planning?



So far ive been impressed by fast buds genetics particularly their blue dreamatic SO FAST their green crack is going into preflower 5.5 weeks in


Thank you for the info. I just checked their website, and they have the kinds of strains that I’m looking for. I have them saved in my favorites so I can look again when it’s time to pull the trigger.

Their blackberry auto’s buds look like a strain called Sirius Black, that we can get down in Oregon. They look good!




Have you used pond muck before? I thought I read that it is not great to put on plants right out of the water. I think something about it is created without oxygen.


I’ve used pond muck quite successfully last summer. When I start using it again, I will repost my pond muck recipe for everybody. I’m going to have to go grab it off of the ILGM site.


Did you pop seeds yet? :smiley:

Not gonna lie. I’m excited about this one.


I haven’t dropped any seeds yet!

The first spiral will kick off on 04/01, so I’ll be dropping seeds the last week of March and putting them in their forever pots around 3/29. Hopefully, they’ll pop soil around the 1st. I still need to pull the trigger on the seeds I’m going to buy!


Here is my pond muck recipe. I finally got around to grabbing it off of ILGM.

Let me know if you have any questions!


What I’m really exited about is dropping an auto seed in this bale of straw this spring!

I’ll probably do it along with Spiral 2 (starting 05/01).

I’m smoking Dorothy now. It’s good stuff.


I know. I’m just impatient. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ohh heres another recommendation for a strain that gets its color naturally and automatically ,devil cream descendant of black cream, SO COOL how even the 1st pistils are turning early, Terps hint at lemony incense


I just pulled the trigger on some Wedding Cake and Zkittlez auto seeds! The third strain for this project is still TBD. Also, I have to have my Sunset Sherbet grow finished up by the mid-March to get my grow space ready for spring.


@LoCoRocK Current plan is nine autos (three grows of three/one month apart from each other) and two photos (from the Wash strain).

And that’s not including what I’ll finish growing in that bale of straw. Or any other brilliant ideas that I see and think “I bet I can do that”.

Someday I’ll have the stones to try the one of the B2B grows that @Arrow manages.


You can do it…I have full confidence in your abilities…:sunglasses::v:


thank you


that is just beautiful.


I like this alot! Ive only grown one auto and im still growing her lol. Going on 71 days now, breeder calls for 9-11 weeks. Im probably looking at 12-14, just rolled into week 10

Pics are yesterday I believe.


Great colors on those buds. What strain is it?


The purple is from my Blurple light. I forget to turn it off for pics usually. Its Lemon Og Haze by Nirvana