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OlyBoy's (Dunning–Kruger growing style) Last Wash Clone rambling thread with bad advice

They were all regulars, @mudman , three different strains: SkyGod, Hash God, and White Runtz x Skywalker OG. The plants started thinking about showing their sex on Day 85, July 17, but it wasn’t for sure until Day 99, July 31, well … sorta. My notes show that I still have question marks next to sex on Day 103, August 4, I kid you not.

@OlyBoy came over on day 109, August 10th, to help me sex them and until he saw them, he thought I wasn’t seeing it, but he quickly saw it wasn’t easy to sex some of them. Even then, two of what we confirmed was girls turned out to be boys several days later, and we confirmed them together as well on the forum with pictures.

Crazy … like these last two years … just plain crazy.


Wash clone getting outside time.



Toxie Twins getting some outside time this afternoon.

Binder clips time again!



Are the little ones auto flowers?


Photo seeds this time. Toxie seeds from @lasvegas7

I’ll restart growing autos in the spring!


I removed a couple big fan leaves that I couldn’t tuck and a few bud sites that’ll never compete. Still not sure how many coles I want on each plant.



Damn, baby. I’m sorry.

You know I love you.


Still nothin’.

I’m ready just to switch to 12/12.

We took off a two more fan leaves that wanted to behave like beach umbrellas. And a few more bud sites.

Right now I’ve left myself with eight colas per plant. I’ll bring it down to six in a few days.

I don’t want them much bigger than they are before starting their stretch.



Sunshine for a while.



I have those same red benders - I find them difficult to use past very early veg -

your Girls look great in their rain science bags
-they want to make their daddy proud -7ead3eabee70b3dffb2408ed18a95c8147b21e21


Thank you! it is pretty nice to be able to carry those pots around inside of those plastic saucers.


Yellow plant is showing her stuff!


Another surprise beautiful day.

Red still isn’t showing me anything.

I don’t trust my eyes on this one.

Sorry buddy. You have to go. We’re going back inside in a little while and there’s not enough for you to eat.



(sorry to anyone that saw the incoherent rambling and random f’ing photos that I posted before I finished editing…)

(I hope this makes more sense)

Is SOHUM any good?


to be honest, i wouldn’t believe it either. but I tried it.

I started my seeds in S#4 mix


(neutral soil) and transplanted into SOHUM after the roots were established.

@lasvegas7 Here are my plants at day 38.

I can’t say for everyone, but this is my water source for my plants.

It’s not a popular growing technique, but I don’t know how to do the pH thing.

Those yellow tips…

please please please pleasepleaseplease be a girl.

(maaaaaaan, i usually plan these big posts in advance, but I hit send too soon the first time.)

(if you didn’t see it, you didn’t miss nothin’)



I do not recommend them either. I’ve used them three times so far, and they’ve only really worked (as expected) twice. I haven’t ruled out user error, but I do better without them. I’m not using them after this. But I saw them, and I thought they might work, but they didn’t, but I tried. I know what I’d do different though. If I were to design them, I think I could make them the same size with half the mass.


I have had very good success with these

They used to be really hard to find in the US because they were a uk product and no us distribution but found them last year.


I have self-diagnosed myself with a Dunning-Kruger growing style. :joy:

I read about something.
I think “hey I can do that”.
Then I struggle through it/fail/succeed/force it if I have to
Then I read more AFTER I’ve tried it/done it.

Most of the time, this is my way of learning. I’m that kid with the hammer, in the back of the classroom, banging on a square, tying to get it through a round hole. (guess who’s right behind me, licking the windows?)

So my Toxie plants popped outta the ground 40 days ago.
—… — —
(For my indoor grow last winter, I tried a method of Torture/Extreme defoliation/Schwazzing. I stripped the plants of almost all their fan leaves on Day 0, Day 21, and Day 42. It’s all in my Sunset Sherbet journal here somewhere.)
— …— —
Today is Day 0 for the Toxie Twins. Lights come on at 08.00. they’ve had 36 hours of darkness to get them ready for flowering.

Here’s where the nerd part of me kicks in… So I decided to learn about what I half-assed last winter. And I read a bunch more stuff and a few more puzzle pieces fell into place. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

DO NOT watch the following video until you read this: Skip the first 10 seconds. Skip the last 15 seconds. (but it is some cool GOT graphics) Watch it one time at normal speed, then…

Slow the video play speed down to .25 and watch it again

(1) early 11 seconds… You can see the plants after their first schwazz. this should be day 20.

For the sake of argument, I’m calling this Day 0 from Flip (to 12/12).

(2) Day 20 (second trim) Check out the right hand corner of the screen. You’ll see the first signs of the 2nd defoliation.

So if 11 seconds was day 0 and 20 seconds was Day 20… then…

(3) Harvest (appx 72-78 days after flipping).

that looks legit to me. Please don’t take my numbers for it. I’m only justifying my own existence.

— — — …

So that’s what I’m going to do again after we wake the plants up. We’re gonna trim most of the leaves off for their Day 0 party, then we’ll give them some water if they feel light enough.

Oh yeah. I bottom fed both plants 4 cups of water on the morning of 01/13 because I knew they were going to have a day of darkness (01/14) because I had to go into the office today so I couldn’t stay home and play with my planites.

Future Me: Please put the trimming shears away if it’s not Day 0, 21 or 42.


Day zero



I might suffer that condition as well
but it brings me so much joy (and incredible POT!!!) :slight_smile:


I love it that is some amazing growth cant wait to see how it works