OlyBoy's (Dunning–Kruger growing style) Last Wash Clone rambling thread with bad advice

Just saying Oly, episode IV of Obi is best one yet. At first I didn’t like the little actress playing princess Leia but she’s grown on me. Perfect lil spoiled brat portrayed.
As far as the weed growing your starting to ketchup to sniper about. LoL all these damn plants riddled thru your house and yard.


And a chunk of my kitchen are my clones for my 2nd half of summer photos.

These two are probably 2 weeks from being done.

They smell so good :stuck_out_tongue:


And look pretty damn good to match!!


Actually I DID know your kitchen was full :full_moon_with_face: … lol I’ve seen plants in you kitchen SOOOO many times O. I’m sure that one smells as good as it looks. Love that deep pot purple.


It’s been hectic here with the end of the school year, my eldest just graduated BHHS, we had family staying from the east coast… I’m finding that I can’t be as involved with my grow as I had been during COVID.

And I had to TURN ON MY HEATER last night because we didn’t even get to 60* yesterday. How weird has that been? My gf said that she almost had a fire in her fireplace last night but didn’t “because June!” My autos popped out of the soil 47-ish days ago and not a single one has shown signs of sex yet.

And thank goodness I have my closet to warm up and dry off those two photos plants getting close to harvest. Which I have to have to harvest soon because I have to go to philly for a week for work in July.

All your plants outside now? Full time? How are they doing?


They are good. Okay. Like you, I don’t have the time I used to have to tend to them. June is always crazy with graduations, birthdays galore, and finals. So glad that all ended. But HUGE congratulations to your eldest!! Hope your family time was nice.

I just can’t believe this weather. We know that June is always disappointing, but it’s usually after we’ve had several very warm days in April and May. We didn’t get those warmish days. My heat is still on and my bedside fake fireplace heater. I don’t know what I’d do without that contraption! Wish I had one in my home office. Tell OlyGirl that I approve of her wanting to use her fireplace. .

I’m loving that I have fems after last year’s over 100 days of begging my plants to show sex. LOL. Of course, I’m doing it all wrong because I haven’t had the chance to research how to grow autos and/or come here for guidance. My five fem autos are still in solos cups flowering away. My cherry test is teasing me with sex and I need to watch closely since I was warned they herm easily. The plant I want to make it most is my CBD plant as that was the only seed that germinated and I have no more CBD seed. I use CBD more than I do THC, so I really want to be able to make my own edibles or whatever like I have been doing with my THC.

The plants have been full time outside since June 1st and before that, they were outside everyday and then inside when it got dark.

Because of my lack of time to care for my current plants, I’m going to start over again, research autos, probably not use solo cups or at least move them WAY early. I hear autos don’t like to be repotted and seeds/seedlings should go into their forever pot in the beginning. Of course I’m going to care for the plants I have, but I want to start over, too. Probably tomorrow. A friend/neighbor of mine wants to grow out in his BFE land, so I’m going to share some seeds and knowledge with him.

The clones are healthy and well. They are still acting like houseplants, so I may need to pick your brain soon about what my intentions are with these and how I should proceed.

Next week starts the real job hunting. My work study job ended and my substitute paraeducating ends next week. I have an interview with Amazon but who am I kidding? I don’t want to work for them. I’m 60 and old and feeble. LOL. Not really, but I’m no youngster. So, if you still have ties to state jobs and interviewers, I’d love to pick your brain on that too. The problem is that I only want to work part time, especially in the summer. Once Fall comes, I’m good with full time. So, we’ll see. I’d also like to do some remote but at the same time, I love going IN to work, away from home.

Glad you have your closet. I’ve yet to put my tent up, but once the sun is out, I’m gonna put it up outside to make sure I have all the pieces and zipper zips, etc. I actually have a lot of space upstairs that could me my form of a closet. Tempting to just use the whole area. It gets SO hot up there, though. Even with the 60s.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Still owe you a beer or two. Plus, I still have samples for you. LOL … Later!!


O H … S n A p !!!

Do you see a father’s day pattern!! LoL


that lightsaber fight in Part V… was amazeballs!


it’s gonna be awesome this week though!


Day 53.

It’s supposed to get hot this week (maybe even break 80* on Saturday!) :rofl:


I’ll pray for you


ha hahaha! Now’s the time to buy all the box fans, wait a week, and then sell them in the Home Depot or Lowes parking lot for 3x the price on Saturday. :rofl:


Little tree is 4’ tall.



Nothing could be more American :wink:


Ha! So true!!! Those shelves will be empty by Sunday. I oughta get in on this … I myself own at least 4 or 5 box fans and 3-4 smaller rounder fans. Sssshhhh, don’t tell anybody. Already afraid of my pot getting stolen!! The landlord keeps sending pest guys over for rats and it’s getting harder to hide the plants and the cats. LOL

Last year at this time when we had THE heat wave? A neighbor gave me a portable air conditioner. I have such great neighbors.

So looking forward to the warmth again!!!


Found some bud rot. Removed a few inches on main cola. Eff me.

Gonna do a better inspection tonight. Maybe harvest early.



Dammit man… Colors are KILLER though!


yeah… by this time last year, things were way further along. it would have been nice to have a little bit of that

last week and the week before.

I can’t take any chances with more rot, so they both are getting inspected and harvested. Vet Kush goes first.


time for some

and some

and maybe some

stay lifted, friends. life is good.


One down, one to go.