OlyBoy's (Dunning–Kruger growing style) Last Wash Clone rambling thread with bad advice

Looking great. Do you bring them in every night?


Yeah, bro. I baby them a lot. :joy:

Where you from?


Western Washington. I want to put a couple out in the back yard. But Decided it would bring more attention that i want. Its all legal but still


yeah. that ain’t worth it. when i grow outside in the summer, i try to avoid using anything bigger than a 3 gal pot because they get too f-ing heavy to move around when the need arises.

I used to be concerned with my neighbors seeing my stuff, but evidently they really don’t care. I do the best I can to make it as not-obvious as possible.

And I can’t hide the aroma. I was drying a previous harvest in an unused basement bathroom and venting it straight outside. My girlfriend and I were leaving the house and I thought I smelled someone lighting up some weed. i said to my girlfriend something like “Someone’s gonna have a good time later! Do you smell that?” My girlfriend was like “You dumbass! that smell is coming out of YOUR house and this half of the street smells like it!” No one’s complained yet. cough new neighbors cough


Dang how do you keep them in 3 gal. outside? See i thought if i want to put any outside, i would have to have big pots for all those roots.
Im on the fence though honestly somedays i feel like F it. Were legal its my property whats the problem? Other days i just dont want any smoke Or cause any problems. Just keep it on the D.L. lol

Relatable! we walked by the garage yesterday and my girl thought i smoked. So its already leaking through the walls :rofl: thats too funny


Mesh pots partially buried so the roots grow through the pot and into the soil. When the time comes, I can just rip them out of the ground.


Oh cool. Good tip. Okay. Feeling a little brave today. Think i can take these two out?


Yeah, I would. Get them outside for a bit and start hardening them off!


Yea sounds good. Its cloudy today. One of the issues we have here. That and rain. Should start getting some nicer weather here soon.


NOTHING like The great outdoors… RIP Candy… Oly isn’t a good teacher ya know… he just gets lucky! LMAO like all the potheads in here - the force is strong = is all!
Did you ketchup on season III O? Anywho looking like a god damn pot farm in the yard O-men. BRING ON THE SUMMER GROW BRUH! LOL I’m gonna try it one more time. :joy:


Sure enough! When we start having 14+ hours of sunlight and the nighttime temps stay above 40 (consistently) I’ll start leaving my photos outside 24/7.

I’ve run into problems with leaving auto’s outside too early in the year. The morning humidity stays in the 90s until late morning until almost Memorial Day. No bueno. And we have so much pollen and cottonwood white floaty sh!t in the air, it sticks to the buds. I’ll drop my first summer auto seeds for outdoors around May 1st.

I think if you have a sunny spot somewhere out of sight, you could plant something little. Like this fast buds auto is in an an orchid pot. I planted the seed in living solid and watered it every day and it was fun.

… …. …

:rofl: :joy: :joy:

It’s totally work it.


Here’s some tools I use for determining my outside grows.

Enter your zip to get details for your AO.


Sweet thanks ill put em out when its nice for now and when the weather meets that criteria ill give it a try. I need more room in the tents lol.

90% in the mornings? Where are you, arkansas? Lmao!


Looks like april 23rd for me


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think it might be the lake effect here. Even when we have the clear sunny days, the humidity seems to stay high for way too long until early-June.