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OlyBoy's growing indoors this time (Sunset Sherbet)

My stuck post finally went away . I didn’t even notice it has disappeared for like a week. If you wish hard enough and really want it…it will go away… LoL


I finally got around to buying some of that green, garden, training wire. omg. SO nice and easy to use. WAY nicer than the pipe cleaners. And they probably won’t dig into the branches the way that pipe cleaners do. And the wires don’t absorb water the way that pipe cleaner fuzz will.

Having to re-tie Duchess’ branches was pretty easy since they were all ready twisty and bendy.

And I’ve removed the binder clips off of Backup’s pot since I had that break in the trunk. I have not seen signs of any problems with the plant since the split, but I want to be careful. I have noticed that the colas are congregating towards the center and I need the light go through (so I want to separate them).

I took some bamboo skewers and shortened them. I placed them in such a way so opposite colas were pushing against each other, and opened up the top of the plant.

I think it has really opened the canopy to let the light shine down.



Very nice…:sunglasses::v:


I don’t water my plants to runoff. Not on purpose anyway. I usually give them .5 gal - .75 gal of water/nutes every 2 to 3 days. They didn’t get much water this past week due to unusually low temps in the house and issues with power outages and the light they received.

My power is back on and they each got .75 gal of water/nutes this morning.

During veg and the stretch, I deliberately withheld giving them full nutes and lots of water, because I want my plants to stay small and manageable. It’s been 36 days since they were flipped and I wanted to give their fabric pots a good soaking.

I put them back on the porch railing. Both plants took .75 gal of nutes/water. They were plenty heavy. I waited 20 min and gave each of them another 32 oz (.25 gal) of water. And now I have runoff. Plenty of runoff! It’s not as dark as the runoff was for Dottie’s (in the bale of straw) grow… but it’s a light brown-ish looking. [For reference, each plant got .5 gal about 46 hours (little less than 2 days) ago, and they felt really light this morning].

I’m going to wait for them to dry out again, and resume watering .5 gal every other day (unless their weight indicates otherwise), until (probably) day 50, and I’ll let them get good and dried out and water to runoff again.



Hey! That is not for chomping on!



Here’s what she’s thinking…


:rofl: :joy: :+1:t4: :v:t4:


That’s a good one snip :joy:


That looks like Canna nadia…the guy on ilgm…canna plus canadian… I always forget his name…outdoor grower??? LoL


Yeah. I’ve seen her bite on fan leaves before. Normally it won’t hurt her, but a lot of these leaves have trichomes all over them. I can’t do too much when it’s my outdoor grow, but she can’t have these. I’ll have to start a new grow for some cat grass.

Maybe I’ll post something on Seed Swappers if anyone wants the extras. lol!


Wow! You’re right those do look like the ones in his greenhouse. He (cannabian) lives 2-3 hours north of me. He had some monsters growing last summer. His landrace grow was out-of-freaking-control. We’ll probably see him over here sometime this spring. lol!


Yes Oly …you da man!! Cannabian - he grows monsters outside and you know exactly who I was talking about LOL… Good recall Oly!
And btw I grew catnip twice… I have 6 cats at the end of my street that everyone takes care of, mainly my wife. They loved it. I once potted in my front yard. It was hilarious watching these 8 lb cats try and fit into a 1 gallon pot and roll in it…lol


This was the picture he sent me, telling me that there is no reason to defoliate my outdoor plants.

He said this was not his grow, but he knew these guys. I asked him to post it two more times (before I actually found it and saved it), when I needed reminding not to screw with my plants when there wasn’t a reason.


Yes I’ve seen the picture before too as well as some others. But yeah you usually don’t need to defoliate outside…


Yeah but you gut them. When you look up from the bottom there’s nothing inside.


I read the article that goes with that picture. I believe, several years ago. I think that this plant was grown in the islands, if my memory serves me right. I believe that there was some defoliation and training done with this plant. Just like those mendo boys that grow them plants that you need a step ladder to prune, and yes they defoliate and train as well. The way that they got these monsters was by defoliating, trimming and training. I agree with the fact that you can grow nice/monster plants outdoors without defoliating. Did it for years on my guerilla grows in the hills around here. Like @happilyretired stated the insides of these monsters are usually void of anything. Either naturally due to no light or air flow or by the grower by defoliation or training to avoid WPM or Bud Rot or they got lucky. Again just what my research and my experience have shown. Again this is just my humble opinion. I have grown 10 plus feet tall plants outdoors, in the past and dealt with these issues. I hope that all is well with everyone. Be safe and Stay HIGH :+1:t4: :v:t4:


After yesterday‘s watering, it would not surprise me that they don’t need any more water for at least four or five days. I’m probably not going to water them to the point of runoff again like I did yesterday.

I will probably be sticking to the 1/2 gallon per plant, every other day, like I have been doing

But I have noticed that some of the pistils have started turning red!

Most still look new and haven’t changed yet.

I guess I am just surprised, since earlier grows did not show red pistils this early.

I do plan on defoliating again this weekend around day 42, removing any fan leaf that has a stem. I might keep the skirt leaves. I don’t know. But I’ll be keeping the leaves that I remove. There’s frost on them there leaves!


Those buds look super tight! :metal:


Ya I’m week 4 and some are turning on me too. I use to think twice about it but it’s nothing. Especially if ya rubbed up on them watering or pruning. Turning colors don’t mean much. They do brown up when hey have been pollenated and when finishing up the life cycle but that’s not for a while yet… ya they look delicious… got to be smelling righteous !!! :+1::bomb::face_with_monocle: