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Slym3rs Commercial Grow

Ja mon… lol


What’s that supposed to mean?


Lmao I poked my head in and felt like an ass for not keeping up with the thread so I had some catching up to do


Hoses kept flying out the buckets yesterday. Geysers everywhere. Lol.

Plants will be in by noon today. Nutes are in buckets now.

I am now doing this by myself. Whew. Lots of work. I think I’m gonna pass out. Lol


That’s funny…I wonder how many people have actually seen a Rasta dude…lol…first off they would probably take offence to being called a Rasta “dude”. They are Rastafarians, it is their religion. I started going to Jamaica in the early 70’s, back when Bob Marley was still playing with his band on the beach in Negril, and Jimmy Buffet was hanging out there as well. Partied with both of them. That’s why I have been on my quest to get some Lambs bread ganga. I’ll never forget the first time I went…plane got into Montego Bay way late, got a taxi to Negril and didn’t get there until around Midnight, the reason for the delay was a hurricane, once we got to Negril, it was around midnight, and while the hurricaine had not actually hit Jamaica it was sending huge waves onto the beaches there. So after having smoked some huge splifs rolled out of dime store brown paper bags in a cone shape on the 2 hour taxi ride from Montego bay to Negril and checking inot our cottage we went back to the beach and body surfed on the hurricaine swells coming in. Back then there was only 1 hotel on Negril beach and the beach is 7 miles long. That is all history, now it is a concrete jungle and not a pebble of sand not in front of something, they even built shops and whatnot inbetween the sea wall and the ocean. It was pristine back then. Small little shacks every hundred yards or so along the road. A family playing dominos and smoking ganga and drinking rum. Ahh the memories. Last time I went was 1995. The first year I went I had the fortune of meeting a true Rastifarian, Rasta Dixon, he had a little shop in the straw market at the beginning of the 7 mile beach right past where the Negril river flowed into the ocean. I’ll never forget him getting me my first ganga purchase, Lambs bread…a fricking quarter pound for if I remember right $5 US. He insisted I name one of his daughters that his wife had just had while I was there. I always left him a couple hundred bucks when I left, he was poorer than dirt, lived in a shack made of hubcaps, old tin signs, bamboo, and anything eles he could scrounge up, slept on a wood slat bed, no mattress. True Rasts’s shunned wealth, he welcomed me into his family and I was honored to be taken to the mountain fields where he grew his ganga.

Those were the days.

Ja mon…



Too much pressure? hoses i mean lol…you have one hell of a setup there, can only imagine the $$ you have invested in all that. Looks fantastic! Are you buying clones from a supplier? If so what genes did you get for your first run? If I may be so bold!



Terple # 14,
Truffle cake,
Glazed apricot Gelato,
Cake and ice cream