Testing by MK3_Pharms #2

I received my review and testing package in the mail today - 3 business days after confirming my mailing address and paying a couple bucks to broker the package across the border from Grower’s House headquarters in Arizona to me in central Canada. Everything was packaged nicely and arrived in great condition.

The remote ballast is chunky and simple - mount it outside the tent (the included power cord has some decent length) and plug it into your timer and it’s ready to go.
The Sun Systems reflector is light and solid. The bulb holder is mounted tight, the power cord is probably the highest quality I’ve seen on a light fixture - super thick and very flexible - and has more than enough length to accommodate mounting in any tent.
The Philips 930 Elite Agro bulb is a great full spectrum, full cycle bulb. I expect it to perform well. I did, however, notice that the external glass shield which surrounds the inner bulb is loose and has some play to it and can be felt moving. I’m not sure if this is standard for the shield on CMH bulbs. If anyone knows for sure, please chime in and let me know.

I’ve got the fixture hung over my plants in veg right now, covering about a 3’x3’ space. The fixture is happily throwing out 300 - 400 micromoles across the canopy at a distance of 24".


This is a review of the Sunsytem Neutron 315w CMH. With Prism Science ballast. Using Phillips bulbs. Genes Blue God.

I will only be flowering one in this review. Using net training. And topping once.
Nuets are KeyGrow Solutions.
Hybrid soiless blend (see below)
The SDK genes went into a different project.
1/26/2020. We are close to going into transition.


Current set up. 3x3x8 GGT. This will be where we flower. I have another 3x3x6. We will use that for veg.
Media will be a hybrid soil. Mostly undetermined at this point. We will run a.75% soil with 25% coco.
The star of the show is the Sun system 315 LEC Neuron. This thing is bright. Its going to make some very good flower indeed
One 4 inch exhaust fan purely for heat. It runs on a timer. Five on five off during on time. During off time its five on per hour.


As of today germination was successful 100% ratio. These will be under T5’s for a few weeks. Then we will begin the resting.


Coming soon my hybrid soil build. We will be featuring quite a few plants at first. We will transition down to one or two females to flower.
More to come once we hit veg


Worked on the hybrid soil blend. We used

Pre mix

Plants coming out of germ. Shouldn’t be long now.


Coming into veg soon. Then under the Neutron 315 LEC from sunsystem.
I’ll be using the Phillips 4200k veg bulb. And the same for flower at 3200k
Stay tuned


Getting ready for veg. Needed to get my grow bags out for early veg. Will be transplanting the female to flower for this grow.
The rest will be used for breeding.


Will be using the air pot on the female flowered here


Looking good :+1::muscle:


The net is going to come down till we have our girl.


So we have Sundance kid. Some blue god. And I have some wedding cake clones coming in. Will be doing some flower and some breeding aswell as preservation


For this review we will be flowering one or two


Cool…Sounds like fun!! Go for the hit my brother!!!


So we are finalizing set up and power configuration. Plants are doing very well. Running some heat tests for the next few days. The only thing I’d like to see on the Neutron is the ability to connect to the master controller. And have a dimmable option.


Went ahead and loaded the seedlings in and got the 315 fired up.

Will be updating in a few weeks once we go full.veg


One thing I have noticed about the sunsytem 315 cmh ams prism science ballast. Well first off ballast should be mounted out grow tent or room
The ballast doesn’t really get hit. And fires right up all and all 10/10 on the ballast. Still looking for tech specs.
The 315 cmh/LEC does very well heat wise. Avg is +5 of outside temps. So I’m really pleased there

The one thing about these lighting systems you need to always have a extra ballast and a veg and flower bulb on stand by. That’s around $500 but that should cove you 4-7 years. Maybe more. Hopefully not less.

New pics coming in a few weeks.
Going to focus on a few things. And will be back when we have hit veg


12/3/19 update

I have a OCD about perfection. If you are going to grow this plant dont be lazy

Watch your distance especially on plants this size. Twenty four inches away is fine. Maybe a little strong, however I’m using the light for heat as well. Its been pretty cold here.
Uploading: IMG_20191203_161702.jpg…

Noise reduction.

This is the typical numbers I’ve seen so far. This LEC is doing great. This is about midway up


Sorry post messed up

Top of tent numbers

Some current pics. They are off the mat. Currently setting up for clones in the 2x2

That’s about it till we hit veg


A noob question here sir :
There seems to be no stretching at all. How do you achieve this please? Does the heat mat help with that? Did you add a little bit of soil to cover the stem? I always have to do this on mine because they always stretch at least 2 inches before getting their first few leaves. Most of the time I have to fix this when I transplant the first time.
What would you say am I doing wrong?