Ultrapuff's Grow tents

Goji Crasher round has officially started thanks to my dear friend @bobette. Clones are starting to have new growth and soon there will be big wonderful green leafs filling up the tent.
Man im so excited. This special pheno has pink trichomes. So ima press alot of it playing with different temps. Very fun times. Here in about 3 months they will be ready. And for the othere tent i have 6 Don mega x blue cheese already in the cloner. Here in 10 days we will have roots hopefully.


You’re welcome!
Can’t wait to see what you do with them!
Another @PreyBird1 special genetics!


Man thats a yummy strain. watching for sure. :eyes:


Nice kief press. Im so thankful for my rosin press.


They are dry. Time for trim and a nice long cure. 2 plants almost filled up that 5 gallon buckets. Im excited about final weight because quality is straight fire. :fire::sunglasses:


Goji Crasher veg day 12 I think… Lol


Ok, so… Next round is pretty much set up and good to go. Ive moved all 8 Goji Crasher to the 8x4. And also, another good news is that all 6 Blue Cheese x Don Mega clones have rooted and are now inside the 4x4 tent. Now we veg for another few weeks and than flower time. :pray: Chunky monkey and Mac1 are on standby this round. Lol


Alrighty. We can see some good progress for the last week or so. Today I will transplant the goji Crasher inton3 gallon fabric pots and will also set up the irrigation system. I feel like they will be ready for flower in 2 weeks. Hopefully! Lol small tent with the Blue cheese x Don mega is just now really starting to grow. But all plants look healthy. Also chunky monkey clones are doing perfect. Just waiting for some awesome roots to come through the cube. Im very happy for how things are moving along.