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What else do you grow in your garden?

A little update from my place. Our tunnel is finally in, the structure was in an accident about 3 weeks ago, hence the delay, too much weight on the trailer so the car lost control and overturned, luckily no one was hurt, but alot was lost and the structure went back to the big city until we made another plan. Installing the water tanks and pipes in the next week. It will be used to grow vegetables and seedlings for sale to the local community.

Picked some beans from the garden day before yesterday and made a lovely veggie/bean soup yesterday, an entire pot gone in 60 seconds.

Butternut soup coming up, this was picked about a month ago. Butternut, nutmeg and cream.

My partner is away, so we slaughtering one of her pigs tomorrow for a small braai with friends and collegues. Its going to be interesting cause its half bushpig x landrace pig. I will ask her permission when she gets back on Monday!!! I might be slaughtered by her on Tuesday so this is my evidence.


The polyprop is almost on, tied down, seeds are in the trays and planting is almost around the corner. No safety mechanisms in South Africa, one just needs to get the job done. On top of the world.


@bow4buck hey brother, I’m next door to east. Being were close did you have plants go to seed early? Almost all my spices basil parsley cilantro. I’m kinda lost on that. That heat we got maybe? Sorry I lost topic a little.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah im blaming the heat to. Got all kinds of stuff trying to go to seed on me. Onio s and radish bolting big time.


So hundreds of cabbages have been planted in half of the tunnel last week. It begins. So damn dry now pumping up to 1000 litres of more water per day! Chillies coming next, any good chilli sauce recipes @Slym3r?


No I don’t do hot. I can find you some though. Land of hot eattin over here.

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No sweat, :broccoli: :mushroom:. Southerners like it spicy/cajun and make crazy hot sauces.


The wife hydrates the peppers.
Blends them with tomatoes garlic a little cilantro salt and pepper.
I don’t think she has set recipe for it


New update on my plants. My pineapple sage and two habeneros didn’t make it for my dog ate them. Have no fear because I acquired another habenero and another pineapple sage and they are flourishing and growing big. One out of three of my pineapple babies has started to bloom and I couldn’t be more excited right now for a plant. This is my first time growing this plant and my first time ever seeing this so I’m flabbergasted