Worst fears came true

Determined today that my whole grow is pollinated/hermied and man does it sting. 2nd grow in a row and I’m just gutted. Im not sure where I went wrong… maybe it was bad seeds? Maybe I trimmed to much and went to hard on the training/lollipoping? Maybe I didnt do a good enough job decontaminating after my previous hermie? I really am clueless but its back to the drawing board. The one silverlining I have is I caught it two weeks into flower instead of at the very end and atleast I can cut my losses now. I’m curious if its worth using what I have here to make edibles, tinctures/lotions, concentrates or if I’m better off tossing it and moving on. Any advice is greatly appreciated as always and thanks for the help.


Any light leaks during the dark period? I would also try mixing up the genetics a bit to see if that helps


I dont beleive so! Windows in the room are blacked out and plants are inside a tent. I put tape on every little light I could find inside the tent (dehumidifier, powerstrips, etc). I try my best to not go in the room during lights off however if I have to, I limit the light coming in through the door and I have a smart lightbulb that I use turn on to green. That being said, I rarely use the green bulb and go in the room when lights are off. Genetics definitely seem to be a big peice of this confusing puzzle lol


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No, just no. Dont let this sting, its a learning curve. You will do better next time. Hermies are prevelant in stressful environments using bad genetics, I might be wrong but that is my take on it. So start from scratch, look at your original seeds, maybe invest in clones the next time around. Also look at your environment too. Must say your plants look great though, so I am sorry it did not work out.

Recently did my first indoor grow in over a decade and it was a dismal failure. I salvaged as much as I could and making bubble hash with what is left over. The failure I had was in my growing strategy, I went back to the drawing board, took some good advice from some growmies here and going to work hard on the next one.

Yes, consider making something out of what you have grown, edibles and tinctures/lotions would be good. Good luck on your next grow, mine starts in 1 week.


Love the saying, but what happens if you believe in no till gardening. :rofl: :cowboy_hat_face: :heart_eyes: Just a silly corny joke. Keep on learning, we all here to help, learn and encourage.


Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement chris. As a wise man once said " You gotta keep on keepin’ on. Life’s a garden: dig it. You gotta make it work for you".


Was going to suggest that as a problem too. My last outdoor grow was looking good, I encourage all my neighbours to grow, I check on certain neighbours plants as they newbie growers, and then forgot to trust no one. My closest neighbours son was growing in their veggie garden, he knows his weed, according to him, he was looking after the plant, i would admire it from a distance and not think anything else. Booooooooom, he grew a 2.5 metre male last season, all my buds were seeded. So something to think about, I guess.


Genetics has a lot to do with Hermies for sure

what genetics did you use and was it the same both grows?

I am brutal to plants I use hedge shears outside and strip leave off inside

and have only had one Hermie and that was a plant give to me by some else

trimming more then likely not the cause

as far pollen left behind from your last to pollinate your plants OK

but what other contamination are you thinking?

I have been in that club :slight_smile:

plant more beans and grow more plants, to learn to grow all you need to do is grow

please do not give up you will get it and folks here like to help

but it is painful to see you grow go south and fail

I just had the police here a week ago they chopped down 70 or 80

plants that were treez

saved me having to trim them and now I am back inside

all the best and you will get it



Hey Dequilo! I appreciate the feedback!

So I’ve had 3 grows so far. My first grow went off without a hitch for the most part, I started with 4 clones and they were all different strains. My last grow was 4 clones and 1 seed (from the same supplier as my current grow). This most recent grow was 4 seeds, all GDP and they were also from the same supplier. I personally feel it’s a genetics issue with the supplier.

Thats great to know. My original grow I did little to no training and ended up with some Christmas trees for plants. My last grow I topped once, super cropped the crap out of them and did quite a bit of training. One thing I didn’t do was lollipop so airflow was a pretty big issue. This most recent grow I topped them multiple times, did some training, and chopped a lot of the bottom off going into flower. I think my big question is how often I’m trimming, cutting off fan leaves, lollipoping, etc.

As far as contaminates, I’m referring to pollen. I cleaned the inside of my tent pretty thoroughly with bleach and did my best cleaning off fans, powerstrips, etc. I’m more concerned with everything outside of my tent. I didn’t realize my buds were full of seeds until I was flushing them at the end. I decided to fresh freeze most of it, and I hung dried, and jarred a good portion to give bubble hash a go. I haven’t done the hash yet because I’m in Arizona and it’s a zillion degree out still, so its still sitting in jars in the room. I know pollen can hang around for quite a while so maybe something outside the tent made it inside.

Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words. I will give it another go once I reevaluate my setup and such. Sorry to hear about your 70 to 80 plants; that’s got to be painful. I wish you all the best on your next go of things!


Ouch! Sorry to hear that Chris, I appreciate you sharing. I am definitely going to clean every inch of that room and start fresh.


I would personally rule out the pollen left over unless you had a hella pollen explosion and just left everything going and nanners bursting right and left the prior grow. I had 3 herms I pulled out of my last grow, put them outside and left my 6 to finish inside. This current grow I tossed 1 outside I found nanners on, cut off 2 branches and haven’t seen another yet and she’s still doing great with no signs of seed production. Everything inside is still doing great also. Maybe I’ve been lucky but I credit it to staying on top of them, I get stoned and inspect them quite thoroughly about once a week / 10 days. If you have the right outside conditions I’d toss a couple outside,.pick off nanners and see how she does. I mean if it isn’t a nanner on every bud and infested. Only one of the plants last year was pretty packed with seeds and that went into my cannabudder making trim still very much doable. Like the boys said genetics is the issue 60% of the time… like using Hermie pollen to cross with a female will be hermie 90% of the time. Another thing is light leaks have to be persistent and ongoing one or two nights checking on your plants 10 minutes will not do it. A tent is pretty solid avoiding that issue usually. Heat is the hermie maker for me in most of my cases. This go I let one just get too big kissing the light and she, not her smaller sister herm’d. My very 1st grow I got hit hard with mites and cried myself to sleep, it was gut wrenching and boy did I want to burn all my shit. I know it sucks donkey balls but don’t give up. It’s a learning lesson and you will be rewarded in the long run… growing teaches you patience and it’s worth it. Actually quite literally not having to buy bud and our home grown dank is great, priceless smoke. I wish you best and keep at it.


Wow, thank you so much for the feedback. This makes me feel way better about what I have going on. I’m going to look at them closely tonight and maybe I can make it work. I havent completely pulled the plug yet, the only thing I may screw me is I shut off the lights mid way through the night because I figured I was going to toss them anyways. One thing I noticed though is browning/shriving pistils on some of the buds and everything I read says thats a sign they’ve been polinated. Not sure how accurate that is but it would make sense since its only on a few of the buds.


Incase anyone is curious, heres a good view of my tent setup when its completely open. (Ac unit is out of the picture on the left side)


Hey @beatchampaz . First thing I suggest you do is give yourself some serious credit. I have worked in giant surgical theaters at level I trauma centers that aren’t as organized as your set-up. My money is on you, Dude. Break things and iterate until you’re too old to care!


Wow! Thank you so much @truthhound! That means so much to me and I really appreciate it. Im almost a full year of doing this and I’ve been hooked since day one. I’ve put my heart and soul into it and if feels good to know that people can see that. Much love!


Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to this forum and I have another question related to this topic, but I’m not sure if I should start a new topic or not (please let me know). I just finished chopping the girls down and it got me thinking about these 5-gallon pots full of mother earth coco+perlite. I only found a handful of pollen sacs during the chop, but one or 2 of them were open. These were re-potted 1 1/2-2 months ago, so the mediam is relatively fresh. My initial thought was I should toss it to be safe, but I figured I would get everyone’s opinion. This stuff was a pain to find and wasn’t cheap, so I would love to reuse it if I can. Thanks!


Start a grow journal, it helps me so much, not just the help I get from the community, but I can also go back and check on certain things and share my ups and downs with members. Click on the link below and start your new grow and see the benefits.

I would reuse the soil, in fact I am reusing soil from a failed grow now and is working perfectly.


And read other grow journals, look what advice I just came across from a seasoned grower/breeder I respect, @PreyBird1 . So maybe dont follow my advice of reuse as more than likely this is my issue on top of issues growing.


Im almost a full year of doing this and I’ve been hooked since day one.

If you think smoking weed is addictive, try growing it. Never stop learning.


I haven’t seen @MrMonkey420 around in a bit but he can give a story about worrying about brown pistils. You can rub up against them, they can die off naturally but there is no sense worrying about a couple of them going brown in the early weeks of flower. If the entire Bud of pistils goes brown or majority of plant yes that could mean it got pollinated but here and there is pretty common or natural even. They won’t stay white as snow until the very end. I was gonna say start a journal also that is your best bet for keeping track of shit and having peeps stop by and give opinions on what they see. Point out things you weren’t even thinking about. And dude your room is pretty immaculate man. LoL totally jelly bruh! I’m not a coco guy but I know it’s reusable. I reuse my soil aslo which a lot.of ppl will shriek at. Not straight up ofcourse, it goes into compost, used for garden, recharged and then for a seedling maybe. And lastly … Shutting lights off for a night won’t hurt nothing.