Backyard Guerilla Growing

So been talking, dreaming and preparing for this season in the Southern hemisphere. I chose this spot as it its close to home, has good access to water and protected by large trees and bush. It took about 2 days just to cut out all this bush and make a space. But here it is. All of these are started out from seeds, mostly regular and a couple feminized. I will document and post some updates of what turns out tops. But some notable strains here are Sour Mango Gelato and Black Poison from , Lemon Haze, Early Durban, DPx ( Durban cross ).

I only use organic supplements, which generally means what I have available. Glad to say the only things I have used outside of my small world are used/upcycled tyres. My basic principle is “least amount of effort”.

The soil layers:
About knee deep a homemade compost mix ( inc chicken, goat, donkey, horse and pig manure. )
Layer of forest mulch ( includes pine needles )
layer of donkey manure as a mulch

Dandylion and weed tea watering
Cal/Mag supplement weekly using eggshells and epsom salts.

Well this is the start and loads more to come. Any suggestions, ideas, questions welcome. Backyard growing at its well, finest.


So let me share a little history with you. I’m a CA native born and bred. Raised in the emerald triangle. More specifically Humboldt county. As a child. I grew up playing with rattlesnakes and trimming cannabis. I had no idea I was a child. As the years progressed things became more clear. I was born into a family of the original settlers of Panthers Gap in Humboldt. We were and are the original gorrilla growers of NorCal.

Those days are long gone. It now over run by fake growers, junkies, and cartel wannabes. The glory is long gone. Anyone who tells you different is trying to ride the wave that crested many many years ago.

I digress
When you gorrilla grow. Your enemy is from above. Aswell it’s at ground level. That water is pesky. You must be very careful on how you route it. Believe it or not. The slightest diversions are visible. Consider human foot traffic also follows water. Someone might stumble upon what you want to remain hidden. The best minds I’ve worked with haven’t fixed this problem. The eye in the sky sees all. Cover your tracks. Consider all ways you are exposed.

But it looks great and I miss the good old days. Outlaw for life :sunglasses::100::+1:


An honor to have an original respond, what a wonderful way to grow up, and 420% outlaw for life.

I have pondered over many joints about the secure setting, and 99% sure it wont be found. I am known as a “terri” in my neck of the woods, short for terrorist. Its an affectionate name, but also means dont live to standard laws of the land. This piece of land is a funny one, its not owned by anyone, and its landlocked. “They” wont see it from above or sideways, only one way in, and you will be compost coming out.

Cheers to good growing and thanks for the response.


I’ve seen native lands raided due to water re routing. Just a friendly heads up. As long as you do mess with nature. Usually the humans won’t mess with you. However you seem to have a unique situation. I look forward to seeing this grow. Keep going your way

So a quick update, not much visual progress in the last couple weeks but been adding loads to the soil and pruning away. The chickens, pigs and goats are loving the leaves. So everything is going to good use.

Ants have started attacking the stems so added some diatomaceous earth to most of the tyres yesterday. Blessed with some rain this morning and hopefully some sun during the day.

Added a friends homemade fertilizer pellets, and just giving them a shot. High in N, low on P, and high on K. Epsom salts and weed brew tea every week. Mulched with dry donkey manure and watered with rain water. Not much to it. A nice place to chill I guess.


Nice brotha look legit as fuck :call_me_hand:… You’d appreciate this pic… My cousins American bulldog named Apollo


You are right, but would appreciate him much more in this topic. Going to load my donkeys and goats in there soon. Apollo the Bull dog needs to be there!!


What strain is that on the left is it dp? Looks super healthy


Yes its DPx, a cross of Durban Poison and something else!!!??!!. Nice spotting. But you cant miss a durban in this garden. Just sat with a bloke who grows legally in Lesotho. Amazing what some of these guys are doing to bring back cannabis genetics like Swazi and DP.


Amped like a scone. Just been reviewing a clients podcast on youtube and they included their one gran on the show. Bang, my gran is the one and acknowledges my hard work in the garden growing ganja and did an FB like and comment. So cheers to our grannies. I am a proud grandson.


An update on my guerilla effort. Going well, had loads of rain the last few days, thank you. You can clearly see the plants just shoot up after a good rain. I have not added anything to the soil. Just a few teas of epsom salts, and dandylion. I will start with a kelp and molasses tea soon. Going to add some more mulch, aged manure with potash.

Some set backs have been the local tribe of animals, they been digging in the soil and also eating a few leaves, breaking a couple branches.

The plants have just started showing sex and glad to say looks like majority are female and only found one male. Whooo Hoooo.


Nice looking plants man, they are coming along quite nicely :wink:


No complaints, easy enough to do. Been providing alot of extra leaves for the animals on the farm and also for us to enjoy it in smoothies and a tea.


Brought most of the animals into the garden today to do a bit of ploughing and digging around the plants. The chickens went straight for the ants and ant eggs and started scratching around for other insects. They also helped with trimming some lower leaves. We all had a great day.

A little video of the experience. Good growing y’all.


That’s seriously cool!!! That brings working as a family to a whole new level! :smile::+1:


@chrisj I like what you’ve got going! Can’t wait to see the rest. I really like the livestock addition!!


That is beyond epic…lol…


One big happy family that helps where needed. It just proves how important cannabis is. All our animals love it. It grows like a weed with little resources. If you could see the chickens how excited they get when they allowed in to the area, they take what they need and leave. Thank you for the comments.


Love It man the great plant of providing;) I’d love to find someone to make me some cannabis twine so I can macromae a cannabis fibre rug or a cool plant hanger. I think a artistry craft line would be very cool


Going to take a picture specially for you @hoppiefrog. I know what you talking about. I make the twines and things while I sit in the garden. Got to check on the ladies anyway, its hot as hell and as dry as a nuns…