Grow 2-Jilly Bean and Flu Shot Cough x G13 Haze Fem Photoperiod

@dirt51 , looks like you got some great thinning advice from all involved!!

You’ve done an excellent job on your grow! Your plant color looks beautiful going into bloom!
As buds begin forming THEY become the nutrient ‘sink’. Mr Monkey is correct. That primordial bud tissue is always lighter green through the transition, nothing to be concerned about!
If you would, send me photos ASAP if you begin to loose that nice green pop. Be especially mindful
if you see those lower fan leaves starting to yellow at all!

You have more than sufficient BBP on at this point that we can confidently boost your nutrients without any fear of lockout if/when it becomes necessary!
Thanks for the photos…you’re in the home stretch!


Flowering really starts at 10 days. You will see lots more little flowers appearing. So dont expect a lot for at least 12 days to 2 weeks. Its normal and some strains take longer. A lot of people dont always factor in where the seeds came from. And depending on where the parent cultivars came from around the equator can affect how they grow a lot. So if you know where they came from you can have better succes growing them by simulating the enviroment and lighting that they originated from.
Example: seeds from hawaii grow better when you grow them on the same light schedule and simulated humidity and environmental factors as hawaii.


Hey Guys:

Got a journal update to post this weekend.

@TheMadFlascher @happilyretired @nacho151 @sssportsmfg @MrMonkey420 @PreyBird1

The plants have been growing fast and it looked like I was going to run out of space. So, I followed @PreyBird1 's suggestion and moved the carbon filter outside the tent. This gives me lots more room, so if all goes well, I think they will fit. I just reversed the air flow of the fan, and checked it, and the suction seems pretty decent.

I’m not sure how the odor control will work this way, so I moved our Coway Air freshener from our fireplace room to the grow room. Maybe that will help. I does have a carbon filter in it.

This morning:



Extra filter:


It should work. I also have a air purifier in my grow area running 24/7 to keep the smell out of the rest of the house.


Never tried pushing the air through the carbon…but don’t use one at all now that it is legal here. Just blow it into my main basement from my coal room. The whole house smells, but smells good lol.

Grow looks great !!



Most filters will work both ways to push or pull air. Also if you want to rebuild the filters check out my thread for doing exactly this.


Thanks for that link @PreyBird1

That’s a great walkthrough. I really appreciate all of yours and everyone else’s valuable information.

You guys are the best!


Hey dirt! Can you take a closer picture from the plants/flower?


Hi @MrMonkey420

I can get some more pictures. I was just going to post a picture of one of them and saw your post. I’ll do it after this one.

@TheMadFlascher @nacho151 @MrMonkey420 @truthhound @sssportsmfg @happilyretired @PreyBird1

Tomorrow will be 14 days since the flip to 12/12. My one plant-the short bushy one is looking like it might be a male, or maybe a Hermie-I’m not sure. So I took a few pictures and was wondering what you guys think. This plant is the FSC Reg growing in ProMix.


Looks like a male where I circled it.


Yup, sorry @dirt51. That one’s talking to me and unfortunately, it’s got a DEEP VOICE!


Thanks for taking a look guys. I was afraid of that–kind of a bummer as the plant was really cool looking and healthy.

@TheMadFlascher @nacho151


Hey @MrMonkey420

Here’s some pictures from a few minutes ago:

Jilly Bean in Promix

FSC Reg in Roots Organic

Jilly Bean in Roots Organic soil

And one more of the JB RO

The canopy with lights on:

Canopy with lights off:


Yep daddy’s home lol.



Agreed it’s a boy get it out.

Another note your other plants, damn they look great. Your doing a good job. :+1:t3::v:t3:


Well, the Jilly Beans look like some beautiful ladies…is the FSC in Roots Organic showing anything yet??


Hi @TheMadFlascher

That FSC in RO is doing fine. It’s the same size as the 2 Jilly Beans and looks just like them, so I know it’s a female. I’d get you a picture but they are still in the dark this morning.

Tonight is the last BBP application so I’ll get some shots after work, before the Bud Buster Pro goes on.

Thanks for everything Bob. I’m going to be using up the rest of your BBP on my houseplants. I’ve gotten real attached to them and kind of adopted them from my wife, after my first grow. The leaves look so healthy and big. Growing pot has gotten me in touch with all the plant life around me now- extra bonus. :slight_smile:


@dirt51 Wooh yep, nutsack alert :peanuts: :peanuts:

Yeah, looking mighty fine mate! Keep going!


@dirt51 the Plant Kingdom is pretty amazing…I know I’ve been addicted to their form and function for pretty much a lifetime! Even at that, there’s a WHOLE LOT MORE to be learned!

Indulge yourself in the beauty and diversity all around us!
Take a look at Hap’s cactus, just magnificent…so enjoy and soak up as much as you can…you won’t be here forever!


Hi Bob:


I got a couple pictures just before what I think is the last BBP application?

With the male plant gone, the 3 females have a lot more room. I’m hoping this helps with the humidity as the weeks go along.

That FSC plant is growing like crazy. I keep bending it over to keep it from getting to close to the light. It looks just like the JB plants, so I am pretty sure it’s budding up like the others.

The FSC plant is in the back right corner of the tent and the close up is of the FSC buds forming.